12 May, 2021

'Eelam Won't Harm India'

A London-Based LTTE spokesman speaks to Outlook

'Eelam Won't Harm India'

Even as it gains militarily, the LTTE isn’t willing to spell out its post-military agenda. While refusing to give a formal interview, a senior LTTE functionary in London spoke to Outlook about India’s role:

"The battle has reached a crucial stage. The Norwegian intervention has brought hope. This has also helped lend credibility to the LTTE. We’re hoping India will recognise the legitimacy of our struggle.

We see no harm in New Delhi’s stance that a solution to the crisis should be within the framework of Sri Lanka’s unity and sovereignty. As long as India doesn’t insist on the unitary nature of Sri Lanka’s constitution as the basic framework, anything is possible-a federal setup, a confederation or even something new.

Our political advisor Anton Balasingam recently met Norway’s foreign minister Thorbjorn Jagland, deputy minister Johansen and Erik Solhiem, special envoy to Sri Lanka. Norway is committed to its efforts to facilitate talks. They understand the depth and intensity of...

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