19 September, 2020

East Is The New West

Here comes the master narrative for the new world order

East Is The New West
Kishore Mahbubani’s book provides insights into forces shaping the world in the new millennium. That China and India, which together accounted for half the global economy three centuries ago, but declined to less than one fifth, may emerge once again, perhaps within fifty years, as two of the three largest economies in the world—the other being the US, the current economic super-power—is widely commented on. Mahbubani x-rays into seismic forces beneath the economists’ view of global changes. Economic growth enables countries to manoeuvre power structures to suit their aims and protect their interests. Thus the West controls the organisations that determine the international rules of the game—in trade, international security, and conflict resolution. At an even deeper level, Mahbubani also focuses on the ‘theories-in-use’—the mental models—about what is superior, and therefore what defines progress, that has been driving the changes in the world, including the West’s hegemony over the East. It is at this level that he notices...


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