14 May, 2021

Early To Bed

Teenagers grope with sex in a society steeped in secrecy

Illustration by Sorit
Early To Bed
Why Teenage Sex Is On The Rise
  • With increasing exposure to 'western' cultural mores through Hollywood teen-flicks and teen-centric TV serials, dating and premarital sex are considered 'cool', leading to peer pressure to become sexually active early
  • Easy access to cyber porn
  • Increased opportunities for interaction between boys and girls, with more places to 'hang out' unsupervised, such as cafes, malls, pubs and discos
  • Easier access to drugs and alcohol
  • With both parents often working, less parental supervision at home
  • Lack of credible sex education both at school and home. Studies prove that those who receive comprehensive sex education delay their first sexual encounter.


What Parents Can Do
  • Understand that sexual curiosity and increased interest in the opposite sex are normal symptoms of adolescence
  • Keep the channels of communication open at all times
  • Take...

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