08 March, 2021

Duty And The Beasts

Superbikes are flooding the ­Indian market. But manufacturers, and the US President, cry too much tax!

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Duty And The Beasts

In the last two years, India’s automobile sector has witnessed a distinct change. Bypassing by miles even those sub-­SUVs, so much in vogue these days, is a whole range of two-wheeler beasts; the superbikes that have been making inroads into the Indian market. If the last decade belonged to small and mid-size motorcycles, 2016-17 has seen the rise of luxury and high-end motorcycles and superbikes in India. The biggest names in the field of motorcycles have set up shop in India as the demand for these superbikes is on an upward curve. Since 2016, this segment of motorcycles has seen a double digit growth of 10-12 per cent, which is above the industry average.

At present, more than 15 manufacturers of superbikes have started operations in India. This includes Triumph, Harley Davidson, Benelli, Honda, Suzuki’s Hayabusa (the signature Dhoom bike, remember?), Indian ­Motorcycle and TVS-BMW Motorrad. There’s also, of course, the in-house Royal Enfield.

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