27 July, 2021

Dump The Diva

Is it time for Dalits to dump Mayawati and move on? The Dalits need a philosopher, a doer to inspire and mobilise the masses. Not a vote contractor.

Dump The Diva

Mayawati’s resignation from the Rajya Sabha was meant to be high drama, but it ended up as low farce. Had it not been for our deep respect for the Bahujan Samaj movement, we would have probably laughed at her desperate attempts to remain relevant. It is time to pronounce the verdict loudly: Mayawati has failed. Every politician gets an opportunity to re-wire or re-engineer oneself. This is Mayawati’s opportunity to take a political U-turn and bounce back. She may well do it. But as of now, she is demonstrably a disaster and a dead weight on the country’s Dalit politics. The saddest irony of Dalit politics is that Mayawati’s failure is at the cost of Dalit votes. Her Bah­ujan Samaj Party garnered 22.2 per cent of popular votes in the recent UP elections. But she could win only 19 of its 403 assembly seats. This is the best instance to exp­lain the limits of identity politics. Mayawati polled most of the Jatav (the dominant caste among Dalits of Uttar Pradesh) votes, but that wasn’t enough. The limits of identity politics in the electoral arena...

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