03 August, 2021

Dubai Diary

Former Indian cricket team captain Dilip Vengsarkar on how cricket blooms like an oasis in springs in Dubai...

Dubai Diary
Cricket Saplings at Chembur

It’s with the pleasant exhaustion of a holiday upon me that I look back at the season that just ended. With my wife Manali and daughter Pallavi, I had slipped down to Dubai for a four-day break. Much needed too, it was—I was in the thick of things ­before that, as usual. There was the England-India Test match at Wankhede, over and above my regular day at the office: looking after my three cricket academies in Mumbai-Pune and organising age group tournaments for them.

Don’t get me wrong—work is fun. Fact is, I love watching young cricketers, going through junior and middle school as it were, expanding their vocabulary of skills, developing a cricket personality of their own, growing up to the state level, maybe even international. Basically, I love nothing more than being at cricket grounds—that green outfield, tree-lined around the edges, the kids throwing themselves at their game with a...

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