20 October, 2020

Dual Citizens

Adopted Indian children grapple with cultural confusion

Dual Citizens

I have parents who love me a lot. I am dark-skinned, but my parents are white. Because of my colour, people often say things which hurt. Being adopted is not always a joy. So we, Africans and Indians, we must unite. To make Europe understand that people should not be scared if somebody's skin is a different colour. I come from India and I don't know my real family. Now I have one here and I am their daughter. Belgium is really nice. —Rashmi Payon, 9.

RASHMI, an Indian adopted by a Belgian couple, was among the winners of a European Children's Poetry contest organised to mark the European Year Against Racism. And as an increasing number of Belgians adopt children of Indian origin, Rashmi's sense of confusion and rootlessness is being echoed around the country. "I feel like a foreigner everywhere," says Sunanda Gerard, 25, voicing a sentiment shared by many adopted Indian children in Belgium. "There is something in me, I don't have words to describe it. It's a different mentality, a different approach to life," concurs...



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