17 June, 2021

Draped In Thought

Slender, sensuous, caressing, feminine, and not prone to costume anymore!

Draped In Thought
What do women want? This must be the million-dollar question that every designer must ask himself at the start of a new collection. Will we ever know? I am not entirely sure because this fluid state is always evolving. It is perhaps best to just work from instinct. At the outset, however, I must clarify that I write in the context of the small sliver of women that I actually interact with.

It's almost farcical to think that one can generalise. Now as never before, we see women in burkhas jostling for world space with the Cavalli Jaising 'blonde' brigade. If ever there was diversity in this country, this certainly represents for me those very odd polarities. Very odd indeed! But, seriously, what do women want in their clothes? They want to be, at a basic level, decorous and warm if need be—this is where functional requirements end! So then and beyond, is it to feel sensual, seductive, to prove equality or liberation, to create an aura about themselves, to reaffirm their position in society, to enjoy the luxury of something beautifully crafted and fitted? In all fairness,...

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