22 September, 2020

Dr C.N.R. Rao

He played cricket for 24 years, I was with solid state chemistry for 60 years.

Illustration by Sorit
Dr C.N.R. Rao

Tense moments. Not possible to do my usual work. At Thiruvananthapuram airport, on my way back to Bangalore, a young scientist rushed in with the news that New Delhi had honoured me with “the Thing”. Not expecting anything of that kind, I flew back quietly without any fuss and began editing research paper 1632. Next morning some friends dropped in at the flat. We offered them Coorgi filter coffee. Everyone was happy over the ‘thing’.

Glanced at the newspaper. O, someone else too has been offered the thing, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar. He played cricket for 24 years, I was with solid state chemistry for 60 years. He told the media that the morning after retirement and the receipt of the thing, he awoke at the usual time of 6.30 am. But suddenly remembered there was no cricket, no net practice, no physical exercises. So he went back to sleep, got up late, made himself some tea and read the newspapers. In my case, I was up at my usual time, 4 am, for I had some papers to work on. That fellow Rajdeep Sardesai of some TV channel who interviewed me would...



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