10 May, 2021

Dr Caligari's Cabinet

That's police custody in UP, with a record in human rights abuse

Dr Caligari's Cabinet

Uttar Pradesh now has yet another feather to add to its cap of ignominy. It has the worst human rights record in the country. That is, if the latest figures put out by the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) are to be taken seriously. A staggering 26,829 cases for the year 1999-2000 have been brought to nhrc's notice from the state. On an average, every day a shocking 73 cases of human rights violation took place in Uttar Pradesh. Most of these violations were committed by the state police. In fact, ever since the NHRC was established in 1993-94, such complaints against the UP police have increased exponentially by the year. From a meagre 223 complaints in 1994-95, it has now shot up to more than 26,000 cases. Most of these violations are custodial deaths, torture, custodial rape and Dalit atrocities.

One such case is that of Rakesh Kumar Vij of Varanasi in 1996. Vij was incapacitated after he was forced to urinate on a live electric coil to 'elicit information about a murder case'. Responding to his father Raj Kumar Vij's complaint, the NHRC asked for a report from the...

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