14 April, 2021

Downloading The Future

Thinking computers, meat on trees... sci-fi's now closer than you think

Downloading The Future
At one time there was a difference between extrapolating from existing technology to create future models, and modelling in the future itself. While the former used to be a routine application of science, the latter was reserved strictly for science fiction. No longer. It’s now perfectly legitimate to try and reverse-engineer artifacts and processes that only exist as phantasms of speculation. Some results will perhaps be doomed and some only partially successful, but some will definitely see the light of years to come. Here’s a cross selection of all three in no particular order of credibility or accomplishment.

Will we ever meet "aliens"?
If by "aliens" we mean biological entities not of this planet, then, definitely yes, we’ll probably meet them within this decade itself—on Mars. According to the latest findings, water not only existed in plenty on the Red Planet in the past, but is still there today, locked in subterranean deposits and as permafrost in vast underground oceans. And, where there’s water, can life be far behind? These may not...

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