12 April, 2021

Down To Mr One Per Cent

The people have spoken, even his PPP is fed up. The beginning of the end for Zardari?

Down To Mr One Per Cent
Zardari's Possible Future

  • Plans are afoot to take away his powers to dismiss governments and dissolve a popular House. This would make him a ceremonial president.

  • The Supreme Court under the new Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry could squash the NRO and renew the corruption cases against him.

  • Old guard in PPP could unite to challenge his leadership.

  • Foreign powers, including the US, could shift support to Sharif.

  • But Zardari is scheming to stall Chaudhry's return to the Supreme Court and throw out Gilani.

  • Muster majority in Punjab, prevent Sharifs from forming government.

  • The nation is unlikely to accept such steps, could force him out.


Looking out the window of President's House on Constitutional Avenue, President Asif Ali Zardari must have thought he was under attack. Massive steel barriers blocked all roads leading to Constitutional Avenue, security personnel were out in...

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