25 January, 2021

Down The Exit Road

How green was this valley! But now the blues invade it as recession looms on the US economy.

Down The Exit Road
  • It’s a good thing my manager hasn’t spoken to me yet. If he does, it probably means that you won’t see me tomorrow.
  • Guru, who cares about stock options? Rozee ki roti dedo, bus (Give us this day our daily bread).
  • I don’t want to be out of a job now. It’s ugly out there.
  • Boss, I don’t know if all this will also affect the Indian software industry. We may not even be able to get jobs back home.

IT looks like any other day in Silicon Valley. The freeways and expressways are gridlocked, a situation made worse by long bouts of rain, which exposes the poor driving habits of many motorists, many of whom brought their driving styles from outside the country. But I don’t intend to go on about the weather and the traffic. Something else is happening and it has taken everyone unawares. And it is the severe downward movement of the US economy.

Everyone has heard of the Great Depression and the crashes of recent decades. But not many here have personally experienced a downturn as...



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