29 September, 2020

Double Victim

Twenty-year-old Shalu has been dancing in a suburban bar for three years. She pleads the pressures of poverty forced her to opt for this profession.

Double Victim

Why did you join this profession?

My father died three years ago and, being the eldest of four sisters, I had to fend for the family.With my mother a housewife and my sisters still in school, I knew life would be tough since I've studied only up to class eight. With the money I make here, I can make ends meet.

How much money do you make?

When the going is good, Rs 500 a day. But at times like this, as little as Rs 50.

Do you spend a lot on clothes, make-up?

I just about manage to pay my sisters' school fees. We do not even have a TV. Anyway, my mother manages the finances at home.

Is she aware of your profession?

Of course. The neighbours, however, think that I do some sort of service. They don't know I work in a bar because I don't wear aise-waise clothes.

Are you ashamed of your work?

No. It is just that each person thinks he or she is pure while others are not.

What is it that you want the Government to...



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