27 July, 2021

Double Take

The US now acknowledges Lashkar-e-Toiba’s global ambit

Double Take

US Fear Of The LeT

  • Could match Al Qaeda’s capabilities for global terror, even replace it
  • The Headley episode has shown that there could be sleeper cells in the US
  • Said to be present in 17 countries now
  • Its members are adopting an anti-western agenda
  • Has stronger societal roots than even Al Qaeda, therefore better suited to recruit jihadists and do fundraising across the Islamic world
  • Strong demands that the US should act against Lashkar even if Pakistan is unwilling


For years, the United States wished away the Lashkar-e-Toiba as an Indian concern, erroneously believing that the militant group based in Pakistan lacked the capability and ambition to launch minatory attacks thousands of miles away. But, in a belated awakening, Washington is now gradually realising that the Lashkar poses a mortal threat to its interests as well. Prompting the...

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