12 June, 2021

Don'ts And Can'ts: Taboo Nation

A roster of recent attacks on anything that displeases some group or the other

Don'ts And Can'ts: Taboo Nation


  • August 2007: Shiv Sena activists ransack Outlook office in Mumbai for allegedly offensive cartoons in Independence Day issue
  • November 2007: Raj Thackeray re-ignites Maratha chauvinism against North Indians living and residing in Mumbai
  • May 2008: Skimpily clad cheerleaders of the Indian Premier League targeted by the moral police
  • June 2008: Loksatta editor Kumar Ketkar's house vandalised over an article that questioned the need to build a Shivaji statue in the Arabian Sea
  • June 2008: MTV Mumbai office vandalised over a publicity campaign for a reality show that showed a Sikh peeping into a room where a girl is massaging a man
  • June 2008: Shiv Sena mouthpiece Saamna office attacked for a caricature of Congress man Narayan Rane in female form.

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