24 June, 2021

‘Don’t Worry, Sir. She Won’t Escape.’

The Amit Shah conversations disprove BJP's claim that the young woman was under surveillance at her father's request

‘Don’t Worry, Sir. She Won’t Escape.’

The BJP has argued that the Amit Shah tapes—which show the former Gujarat home minister in conversation with suspended IPS officer G.L. Singhal, ordering him to tail a young woman in 2009—were at the behest of her businessman-father, Pranlal Soni. And that this was done with the girl’s knowledge and was meant to provide security to the woman. However, as these transcripts culled from the 267 conversations submitted to the CBI and obtained by the investigative websites Cobrapost and Gulail show, the police had other intentions, primarily to not allow the subjects (including a male friend and IAS officer Pradeep Sharma) to “escape”. There are also many references to the girl’s family and intra-family matters in the conversations, which point to differences between them. Meetings with the Soni family were also under surveillance. Snatches from the taped conversations:

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