21 June, 2021

Don't Turn The Boy Away

The Karmapa is a spiritual entity. That he has to engage in politics with India and China is a distortion of his mandate.

Don't Turn The Boy Away

Using the Google search engine - so efficient at winnowing the wheat from the chaff - I looked up "Karmapa" on the Internet the other day and got nearly 3,000 sites in 20 seconds. Scrolling down and reading a few, I noticed some were credible some were not, something like what I've seen in the media since the 14-year-old 17th Karmapa escaped from his monastery in Tibet and arrived in Dharamshala, India.

Nothing about the Karmapa is easy, particularly in the convoluted world of politics and diplomacy. Now he is a cat among the pigeons, which oddly brings to mind the name of the Buddha he is predicted to become aeons hence, "The Lion's Roar". For India, of course, the Karmapa comes at a time when its relationship with China is on the mend. For China, his flight is embarrassing, yet it has chosen not to take a hard line. They published their version of a letter the Karmapa left. We have yet to hear from the Karmapa himself about it. And comments interpreted by the media as "veiled threats" were really nothing more than Chinese diplomatic...

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