10 May, 2021

Don't Split, Share

One solution: with internal autonomy, seal the LoC, free transit, initiate joint defence, trade, tourism, water management.
Free Speech: tell us what you think

Don't Split, Share
illustration by Saurabh Singh The post-September 11 war on terrorism has hopefully won a new convert—Pakistan. On January 12, Pervez Musharraf made a courageous paradigm shift in the Islamisation of Pakistan post Zia-ul-Haq. Yet, the general affirmed continuing "moral, political and diplomatic support" as before to the cause of Kashmir, "which runs in the blood of every Pakistani". The cautiously welcoming Indian reaction is "trust but verify". Actions matching the pledge to end cross-border terrorism could open a real new window of opportunity. India has an onus to seize the opportunity.

India's diplomatic offensive and mobilisation paid off. Pakistan can no more appropriate the margin between low-intensity cross-border war and a full-fledged military showdown through nuclear blackmail. Also, Islamabad had long been in cahoots with the Taliban and become a nursery of international terrorism. A virtual US ultimatum compelled this born-again ally to join the "global coalition" in but not beyond...

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