27 January, 2021

Don’t Shoot The Judge!

Umpiring has never been better. It’s time we stopped carping so.

Nilotpal Baruah
Don’t Shoot The Judge!

Here’s an important statistic for you. The percentage of correct decisions by umpires in this World Cup until March 14, without the use of technology, was 92.13. With the application of technology, invoked by teams under the Umpire Decision Review System (UDRS) put in place for the Cup, this figure rose to 98.15 per cent. Now, that is an impressive record!

But then, why is the Indian media still complaining about umpiring and umpire-related issues? I find it quite amazing as to how much umpiring errors get talked about and debated over in our media. It is safe to say that umpiring and umpire-related issues get more media space in our coverage of cricket than other, far more important issues in the game.

Is it because this subject is simply good for the TRPs? Is it because the fans like nothing more than talking about umpiring fumbles? Are umpires the favourite whipping boys of cricket, because they, unlike players, have no way of getting back at the media?

For instance, excessive criticism of any Indian cricketer...



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