18 May, 2021

Don't Say A Word

You get the feeling that evil is going to be defeated much before the actual happening—something inadmissible in a good thriller.

Don't Say A Word
Starring: Michael Douglas, Sean Bean, Brittany Murphy, Jennifer Esposito
Director: Gary Fleder
Rating: **

The movie begins promisingly—a bank robbery filmed in grainy blue and red—leaving you wondering whether this is director Gary Fleder's racy, mainstream answer to avant garde thrillers of the Steven Soderbergh variety. By the end, however, you are looking more for an apology—after sustaining interest through taut plot twists, the film veers towards the conventional. The turn happens slowly, without the abruptness one usually associates with good films. This goes down badly—precisely the reason why instead of being disappointed, you feel betrayed by the time the film finishes.

The plot touches the classic odd-guy-caught-in-someone-else's-mess angle. A New York psychiatrist (Michael Douglas) is called upon to extract vital information from a chronic but intelligent, adolescent patient (Brittany Murphy). The doctor's neck is on the line—his daughter is being held hostage by a sour ex-con...

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