29 October, 2020

Don’t Forget To Sleep

The poorer the quality of your sleep, the bigger the size of your pants.

Illustration by Sorit
Don’t Forget To Sleep

If you have been having too many late nights lately, then I’ve got bad news for you—it’s going to make you FAT. Yes, that’s right. Sleeping is often the most overlooked aspect of keeping fit, and I’m not exaggerating when I say, the poorer the quality of your sleep, the bigger the size of your pants. To drop body fat, you need to kick in your body’s recovery processes. And recovery happens at night, when you sleep.

When you compromise upon recovery, your hormones, enzymes and in fact, even your cardio-respiratory systems are upset. So invariably you need to wake up with a stimulant, like tea or coffee, won’t feel like eating anything until noon or beyond, and discover by late evening that you have a sweet tooth. If you have been going through this pattern, you are likely to have piled on the kilos, and it’s not exercise but proper sleep that will come to your rescue. No, don’t read between the lines—I am not saying you don’t need exercise, I am saying your need to sleep is...



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