14 June, 2021

Don’t Cry For Them

What possible sin could children have committed that you would need prayers for forgiveness?

Don’t Cry For Them

By the time you read this despatch, the funeral processions would have been over. Small-sized coffins for the primary section children; normal size for high school.

Water would have been sprinkled over the graves, the flowers arranged. Mothers would be inconsolable—kissing the photographs of children they had sent to school in the morning in green coats or green jerseys, the girls in green chadars, after burying whom the menfolk have returned home....

When the weather gets icy cold, mothers anyway worry more about children catching a chill than their studies. Perhaps they are calling these children martyrs. Martyrs go straight to heaven so perhaps we can console ourselves that the Peshawar cold would not be reaching their graves.

In Peshawar, an extremely important and raucous meeting would have been convened, in which extremely strong words would have been used to condemn this massacre.

Perhaps the name of the Taliban would be invoked or epithets such as ‘enemy of the nation’ bandied about to describe them and the resolve to...

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