24 October, 2020

Don’t Aim At Just Employability

Gamification can make learning fun, only that assessments must accompany it

Don’t Aim At Just Employability

Education is meant to raise citizens who can contribute socially, economi­cally and politically to society’s visi­ons and ideals. Hence the purpose and slant of education in a military state are different from that in a democracy. Looking at education from a market-centric model tends to limit its impact to employability. There, the certificate and mark-sheet are valued much more than learning per se.

As society keeps evolving, so must education. Education is out of sync today in most parts of the world because there have been significant shifts in socio-economic and political landscapes. The curriculum design, pedagogy and governance standards must be reimagined to address that need. It is this sentiment that gets expressed when employers speak of low emp­loyability of graduates or engineers or MBAs. Employability is necessary but not a sufficient outcome of education.  

Inspire, not just inform

When we focus on education for only employability, we get a transactional view of education that does not inspire anyone....



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