14 May, 2021

Donald, World’s Biggest Chump

With rudeness, low cunning and barefaced dishonesty, Trump plays to an idiot’s gallery where climate change, or terror, are just board games

Oh, Potus!
Activists protest the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement
Photograph by AP
Donald, World’s Biggest Chump

Will Trump’s legacy lie in his small hands, big mouth, and America’s yuuuge carbon footprint? The joke of the week is, “So Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord? Too bad his dad didn’t pull out first.” And look who’s suddenly back from the doghouse, where rottweilers go after they nip safed ghar ka daamaad Jared in the ankle—Steve Bannon, a man who has never let concerns for the environment get in the way of some acquisitive materialism. The climate has definitely changed for the better for this scruffy-looking shadow power.

People were not happy, needless to say. UN ambassador Nikki Haley has flapped about a bit, trying to course-correct; Google chief Sundar Pichai has said he is ‘disappointed’, and Tesla’s Elon Musk has exi­ted Trump’s advisory council, possibly in a neat red Tesla. I must say I’m surprised by everyone’s tears of disillusionment at seeing Trump’s pugnacious ora­nge face on the anti-green bully pulpit. Do you not know the POTUS? You just need to...

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