25 February, 2021

Doctor In Touch | By Palash Sen

Atul Gawande’s credo as a writer and a physician—one of humbleness and vaulting ambition—sets him apart, writes Palash Sen.

Doctor In Touch | By Palash Sen

(The number of breaths in a life may be limited,
But the possibility of lives in every breath is not,
Your devotion has yet again stirred in me the belief,
That the business of saving lives isn’t soulless as I feared it to be…)


All of us grow up with dreams. All of us think of a glittering future. All of us have ambitions. All of us have goals. All of us have targets. But... For ourselves. And then there are those who look beyond themselves and their petty goals and live for humanity.

I started studying medicine because I looked up to my father. In an age where doctors were minting money, he was serving the people. Instead of a big fat bundle of notes, he brought home a big smile,  just about enough money to take care of his family and countless blessings. I wanted to be that. I found my calling in music and understood that I could heal and comfort those who were seeking love on this big crowded...

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