11 May, 2021

Doc, Ed Or Chef?

Engineering and medicine still rule. But many top-scorers are looking at areas like hotel management, media, fashion, healthcare. The definitive annual Outlook-Cfore college survey.

Swapan Nayak
Doc, Ed Or Chef?

It's the month of June, and apart from the monsoons, this is the season of school results and college admissions. This year's class XII results have been excellent, with a record number of students scoring over 90 per cent. On the flip side, it implies that competition for entry into professional institutes will be intense. Many students will feel bad that they couldn't get admission into their preferred colleges. But all is not lost for them. The second annual Outlook-Cfore ranking of professional colleges will help them seek out other attractive options. It will enable them to choose another college that is as good as the one they couldn't get into. In addition, it will make them aware of other professions that offer great prospects in the near future.

Over the past two decades, several new trends have emerged in the professional education segment. One, although elite institutes like the IITs in engineering and AIIMS in medicine are ahead of the rest of the pack, they are slowly losing their exclusive sheen. A few private...

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