25 October, 2020

Do You Speak Angry?

Kannada or Marathi? The Belgaum issue flares up again but are the people up for it?

Do You Speak Angry?

Borderline Cases

  • 1956 States reorganised on linguistic lines
  • 1957 Sarabandi agitation; several people from Yellur lost their lives
  • 1966 Mahajan Commission report recommended transfer of 265 villages but not Belgaum to Maharashtra
  • 1973 Kannada made compulsory in judicial procedures
  • 1986 Kannada compulsory in schools, agitation intensifies
  • 2002-04 Shortage of books in Marathi sparks unrest
  • 2006 Maharashtra files petition in SC

Linguistics Minorities Commission has filed 47 reports on the dispute


Pleas Before The SC

  • The imposition of Kannada has inconvenienced the illiterate
  • Preservation of Marathi language and culture at stake
  • Marathis turned into a minority 
  • Belgaum corporation has mostly...


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