30 July, 2021

Do You See What ICC?

Why is the BCCI presidency such a prize? Because, quite simply, it is a body worth fighting for. One that has teeth and muscle, and Dalmiya, whatever one may say against him, has been responsible for giving it that edge.

Do You See What ICC?
I was stuck in a London jam while the BCCI elections were being held in Calcutta. On reaching Oxford at around six in the evening, I rushed to the computer to check the results. www.outlookindia.com confirmed the outcome: Jagmohan Dalmiya had once again survived and lived on to rule Indian cricket, lived on to torment the ICC.

I rushed to my room and called Dalmiya. I said I'd have called earlier but was stuck in a traffic jam. "We were also stuck in a jam right through the day," was the laughing reply. My mind immediately went back to the BBC interview he had given in 1993. India had just won the rights to host the 1996 World Cup. The triumphant subcontinental delegation led by Dalmiya came out of the ICC meeting with the BBC crew pressing him for an interview. "You can't put on air what I'll say," he told them. The journalist insisted; so Dalmiya asserted with a smirk: "I wonder how with this intelligence, you could have ruled us for over 200 years." The cameras were promptly shut down. Dalmiya, however, went about his business—making the subcontinent the nerve-centre of...

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