13 May, 2021

‘Do Give Us Info If There Was Mass Molestation’

"None said 'I have been molested'", Bangalore City commissioner of police says starting point needed for the police to swing into action.

‘Do Give Us Info If There Was Mass Molestation’

Bangalore City commissioner of police Praveen Sood says his force is not in a denial mode. For action, though, there needs to be a ‘starting point’. Excerpts:

In the past one week, has anybody come to you with a complaint of molestation?

I took charge (of office) on the afternoon of January 1 and nobody raised any such issue (of women being molested in the crowd) with me. On January 2, one newspaper carried a report, and we took it up. There were photos of a girl crying in the arms of a woman inspector and  another two girls being helped by police officers. Then, the story has taken a different turn. We scanned through footage of about 60 cameras. We did not find any incident of molestation. What we found is that around 12.20 a.m, when the crowd grew larger, people made an attempt to break through the barricades and cross over to Brigade Road and, as usual, police started pushing them back—to avoid a stampede—and they all hurried to one corner. There was melee. Two girls came out crying because...

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