18 September, 2020

DNA: Do Not Achieve?

The don of DNA tests on his five defining areas of work

DNA: Do Not Achieve?
1. Fidelity: Men suspicious of their wives’ fidelity often ask me to verify the paternity of their child. In 90 per cent of the cases, the suspicions proved unfounded. Recently, a putatively sterile man was baffled to find his wife pregnant but my tests revealed that he was the father! Bottomline: low sperm count doesn’t automatically imply sterility for life.

2. Sexual Exploitation: A godman named Swami Premanand in Tamil Nadu was accused of impregnating a girl in his ashram. Despite Swami’s denial, the DNA of the foetus perfectly matched that of the swami. Ram Jethmalani, the swami’s lawyer, asked the court to let a foreign expert test the samples. The foreign tests proved the opposite. Eventually, though, the judge ruled in my favour and jailed the swami.

3. Cheetah Cloning: We’re trying to clone the Indian cheetah, extinct for over 50 years, using cells from the Iranian cheetah and implanting it in an Indian female leopard’s womb.

4. Sex Determination: I’ve found a woman whose genetic profile suggests she should have...



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