08 March, 2021

Diwali Diary

For those who have weak lungs, a festival of love and peace, Diwali is only smoke

Diwali Diary
Lamp of Memory

I say this without hesitation: Diwali is one of my favourite festivals. It’s one of those occasions when you feel the warm, enclosing presence of your elders—it’s like your whole history and culture is there with you. Protecting you, making you who you are in so many ways. My cousins, Mama, Mami, Nana, Nani and parents all collect to spend the evening together. We’re all dressed in our best clothes and moods...so are our houses, which look beautiful after dusk! One of my favourite memories is sitting on the floor with Mami as she creates a beautiful rangoli pattern. I take a pinch of colour between my fingers and make a smaller design next to hers. My lines and figures come out all shaky, but everyone recognises it as mine and looks proud. We children fill our hand-painted diyas with oil and go outside with Nana and light them all around the house. The soft flickering on the faces, lit by the moving light of the...

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