29 July, 2021

'Diversity Is Key To Our Business Wins'

V-P, Diversity and Equal Opportunity Programmes, at Lockheed Martin Corporation on the company's commitment to diversity.

'Diversity Is Key To Our Business Wins'
When did Lockheed Martin start its AA and EEO programmes?
Lockheed Martin has had an equal employment opportunity programme since its inception in 1995. AA is a programme that became law with the passage of the Equal Economic Opportunity (EEO) Act, 1972. It states that employers, unions, employment agencies and labour-management apprenticeship programmes must seek to eliminate job discrimination and increase employment of women, minorities, veterans and the disabled. We have policies and practices creating equal opportunities for our workforce.

What has been the experience with this programme?
Our commitment to diversity made possible many of our key business wins. Today, we have more than 300 alliances, joint ventures and other partnerships in over 50 countries. All this needs a diversity of individuals, thoughts and perspectives.

Did Lockheed Martin seek to patent its AA programme?
Actually, we could not patent our AA since it is based in law. However, we are in the process of patenting an innovative model we have developed to measure the...

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