24 June, 2021

Diva Of The Soul

She belongs to no gharana, yet Shubha Mudgal has made that an advantage. A fact that's landed her a stupendous deal with recording company Magnasound.

Diva Of The Soul

A decade ago she was mere adjunct, musical maatra. The diffident Mudgal bahu from small town Allahabad who also sang. At Delhi's cultural watering hole, the Gandharva Mahavidyalay, that boasted of formidable in-house talents like father-in-law Vinaychandra, vocalist brother-in-law Madhup, dancer sister-in-law Madhavi, that also prefix was hardly coincidental. Rather it was the central fact of Mudgal's life.

One she changed drastically eight years ago when she walked out of a marriage. And into a Diva Destiny she intuited rather than knew awaited her.

That Diva status certainly stands confirmed. Not just by audiences, standing ovations from whom are the norm rather than the exception at Mudgal's concerts Indiawide (the most recent of which, a virtually impromptu jugalbandi with visiting British jazz pianist Nikki Yeoh at Delhi's Habitat Centre last fortnight, elicited near-hysterical endorsement from rapturous rasiks) but also from critics, sponsors, recording companies. The lady with a distinct, searing, husky, high-octane voice musicologist Nandu Dhyaneshwar calls rare,...

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