03 August, 2021

Diplomatic Impunity

The IFS is the last bastion of  the brown sahib, wrapped in a silk cocoon and steeped in an ethos of disdain towards ‘poor natives’.

Diplomatic Impunity

INDIA is not a banana republic. Yet, some of our diplomats treat it as if it were one— behaving outrageously and then seeking  diplomatic immunity abroad or patriotic excuses at home as covers for their wanton acts. Banana republics and medieval sheikhdoms indulge their offending diplomats and consider them to be above the law. Civilised democracies promptly withdraw diplomatic protection and allow the law to take its course against their erring officials.

The latest alleged incident involving an Indian diplomat in Paris is particularly horrifying. A French NGO, the Committee against Modern-day Slavery, and a distinguished French physician have established that Lalita Oraon, an orphaned servant-girl from a Scheduled Tribe in Bihar, was allegedly maltreated for a sustained period and mutilated with a blade in her genital area at the home of Amrit Lugun, first secretary at the Indian embassy in Paris. Having fled from Lugun’s residence, she was found wandering in the streets of Paris in a suicidal state on September 5 and was put in the care of a monastery by...

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