15 May, 2021

Dimple Kapadia

The actress takes to candles and charity in an effort to raise money for animals

Dimple Kapadia
What made you think of making candles?
I just love candles...the colour, the glow, the light. It was something personal which has now grown into a full-time business.

Was it also because you were tired of facing the camera?
No, it doesn't have anything to do with that aspect of my career. This transition wasn't planned in any way.

Are you completely involved in this now?
I do spend a lot of time. But that's only because I enjoy doing it tremendously. I design the candles myself and I have a workshop and six full-time employees doing this with me.

How did your involvement with Maneka Gandhi's charity fund-raiser for animals come about?
Mrs Gandhi had heard about the candles and approached me. I thought the idea was wonderful so I said yes.

Is it then goodbye to films?
There isn't anything much happening there anyway.

You mean to say that there are no roles for someone your age?
Hindi cinema hasn't moved at all in terms of roles for actresses beyond 18 years.


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