29 July, 2021

Dimensional Appeal

By plotting a development course, Modi created pro-incumbency

Sanjay Rawat
Dimensional Appeal

The third consecutive victory of the BJP led by Narendra Modi in Gujarat marks a high watermark in the political landscape of India. For political observers inclined to time and again conjure up an anti-incumbency factor, it was an occasion to encounter its opposite, a pro-incumbency factor. The voters themselves have articulated what this factor amounts to.

The 2012 poll narrative in Gujarat has shown that this election was being fought on the plank of good governance, which manifested itself in various forms: increasing investment in small, medium and large industries, governance reaching people’s very doorsteps, long- and short-term policies for sustainable agriculture, international-class infrastructure, 24x7 supply of three-phase power and so on. This benefited everyone, without palliatives offered to any one section. The Congress, which had focused on the post-Godhra riots in the election of 2002 and on Modi the person in 2007, had to perforce accept in 2012 that good governance was the central issue. Emotive or divisive issues no longer appeal; on the...

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