28 November, 2020

Dharma Cola

This book's value lies in its attempt to grapple with the prevailing concerns both from a Christian and social science perspective. The results are intriguing.

Dharma Cola
Even in today’s secular societies, there are few transformations that cause more grief than the decision of individuals or communities to abandon their religion and embrace a new God. Equated by some with secession, such conversions have divided families and communities, created social tension and triggered violence. The right to preach and propagate religion is in the Constitution but has been contested and circumscribed at the social and political levels. Opposition has come from Hindu organisations that believe non-proselytising faiths stand in danger of being assaulted by the numbers game. Many states have passed anti-conversion laws to prevent mass conversions through coercion or inducements. The issue has become politicised and linked to questions of national identity.

Harvesting souls for Christ has been a central feature of Christianity. Naturally, organised Christianity is troubled by the growing resistance to what it regards as its religious obligation and civil rights. "If I find," argues the author in this study of conversion...



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