19 June, 2021

Dev Anand

Just 85 yrs young, the evergreen actor has penned his autobiography, Romancing with Life

Dev Anand
What shall we expect to see in your book?

It’s about my six decades in Mumbai. I came here in ’43. Got my break in ’45 and saw Independence being ushered in. A life known and unknown to the world. Yet, it’s not just the life of a man, a selfish life, but the life of a country.

Why the name Romancing with Life?

You know, even the fact that we are talking shows a degree of involvement. That’s what my life has been about, romancing with films, people, literature, my parents, my co-stars.

Will we get to read about your heroines too?

Read it and see.

Can we expect to see a film on your book?

Now that’s a smart question. Is Dev Anand’s life worth filming? Why not? But only if I agree, only if I approve of the person filming it.

If your film Guide were to be remade, which actor would be suited for your role?

I haven’t thought about that.

Has Bollywood evolved in all these decades?

Very little. The focus remains money, the temperaments remain the same....

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