20 October, 2020


Mission to Mars; Culture vulture; Amygdala and Norah Jones


Mission To Mars

NASA’s current Rover mission to the Red Planet is the 32nd attempt to probe Mars. Sixteen of them have failed. Here are some significant missions to probe the Red Planet.

Mariner 4
After an eight-month voyage, on July 14, 1965, became the first spacecraft to get close-up photographs.Showed lunar-type impact craters, some of them touched with frost.

Viking 1
The first ship to land on Mars, it touched down on the western slope of Plains of Gold on July 20, 1976. Found enigmatic soil chemical activity, but no clear evidence of life.

Mars Global Voyager
First successful mission in two decades. Entered orbit on Sept 12, ’97. Has returned more data about the red planet...



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