13 May, 2021

Desperately Seeking Enemies In A Unipolar World

Desperately Seeking Enemies In A Unipolar World

THE End of History was not accompanied by a self-satisfied sigh at the state department. Even after the US emerged as the world's sole superpower, and global gendarme to boot, its foreign policy mandarins continued flailing around in the familiar quagmire of shifting alliances and ethical paradoxes. The result: deeds that were completely, and often self-defeatingly, at variance with Capitol Hill's lofty moral pronouncements.

Indeed, this dichotomy has always been characteristic of American diplomacy. But what is the moral framework of its foreign policy? Former Indian foreign secretary J.N. Dixit defines it as upholding democracy, freedom and human rights and working for economic justice around the world, together with a policy that is non-acquisitive and non-exploitative. Well, the American foreign policy is anything but this.

Besides, sole superpowerhood does not always entitle the US to play boss. As was evident during the last crisis over weapons inspections in Iraq—France and Russia didn't let Washington bomb Iraq, as it was inclined too....

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