22 September, 2020

Desire And The Gospel Of Dream

Cinema, the site of endless possibility. Could there have been a better place to create our ­utopias? The ‘independence’ generation tried, then decades of the ‘nation-state’ experience brought in fatigue. Now the landscape is barren, selfish, but flowers bloom in corners.

Desire And The Gospel Of Dream

The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘idealism’ as “the belief that a perfect life, situation, etc can be achieved, even when this is not very likely” and as “the unrealistic belief in our pursuit of perfection”. If one looks at idealism as arising out of an individual’s or society’s relationship with time, it involves a yearning to break with the past and a dream about the future; and both call for an intense engagement with the present. Art, even while it unf­olds in the present, draws from the past and imagines futures, both utopias and dystopias. It invariably leaves its traces in thematics and narratives; one can find it in an auteur’s body of work and in the variations of a theme or a motif that persists through time.

Auteurs Of The Nation

Satyajit Ray, one of the greatest film chroniclers of the idea, ideal and reality of India, died on April 23, 1992. The date is significant as it marks a critical juncture in Indian history; the nation was undergoing some of the most transformative and...



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