19 June, 2021

Desert Fox Wags The Dog

Clinton may cite strategic reasons, but will war in the Gulf cloud his impeachment troubles at home? Not really, as Republicans at home and the world condemn US airstrikes against Iraq.

Desert Fox Wags The Dog

WHEN a politically-besieged President Bill Clinton launched punishing air strikes against Iraq late last Wednesday, only hours after United Nations military inspectors declared that their work in Iraq had been blocked, his action created an extraordinary nexus of military and political uncertainty in Washington. Clinton, who ordered the attack—code-named 'Desert Fox'—in coordination with the UK, pre-empted any intervention by the UN Security Council in an apparently calculated move. The air strikes are the largest the US has undertaken since the 1991 Gulf War.

But the timing—on the eve of a House of Representatives vote on Clinton's impeachment—set off a fierce partisan debate among those who questioned his motives. At the very least, analysts believe, the domestic backdrop is certain to complicate Clinton's efforts to build support at home and among allies for his military campaign.

There's also the danger that Iraqi president Saddam Hussein would find less need to retreat in his confrontation with the US and the UN,...

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