12 May, 2021

Denim's Got The Blues

Faded, jaded and downgraded, the fabric's taking a beating the world over as khakis and twills push for shelf space.

Denim's Got The Blues

Fashion is fickle. The rules are constantly rewritten and reinvented. Colours, fabrics, cuts, styles, silhouettes are discovered and discarded every season. But when designers and trade experts predict the demise of a fabric like denim and with it those swingin' blue jeans, it's time to sit up and take notice. Yes, the news is that denim is dying a slow, ignominious death. The world over, blue jeans - which withstood fashion's diktats for over a century - are suddenly passe. 'Denim is breathing with oxygen cylinders. It awaits resuscitation' says Dr Darlie Koshy, fashion trade analyst at the National Institute of Fashion Technology (nift).

The signs are everywhere. Peek into the wardrobe of a youth, any youth, anywhere in the world; chances are that jeans are being nudged to the back of the closet. Up front are khakis, chinos, gaberdines, cotton twill and wrinkle-free cotton trousers with knits, jerseys and pocket Ts. Pick up any magazine, watch any TV commercial, the message is distinctly non-denim.

Sample some hard facts:

  • Since 1997, Levi's, a brand...
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