30 July, 2021

Demo Grafix

LGBTs in Britain hail the Indian victory, but the community's fight is far from over

Demo Grafix
It's no doubt an erotic statistic that British women spent more than Rs 750 crore last year on sex toys. As is the fact that the company Ann Summers has revenues of more than Rs 1,000 crore a year, much of it through the hosting of women-only sex parties. The orgy no longer exists in the eager male's fantasy, it is now being commercialised through several companies such as Killing Kittens—the majority of their members female, and much of the arranged sex a matter between them.

One way or another, by way of gadgets or homosexuality, sex is becoming more recreative than procreative. It might still be too early to declare 'No conventional sex please, we're British'. But there's little doubt that aspects of malehood are in ways getting more replaceable than they were, prompting many to allege it's an important factor behind the decline in population in many European countries.

Ease with bodies of the same sex is for increasing numbers now a social indulgence, migrating from the permitted to the permissive. Sarah Brown, wife of Prime...

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