29 July, 2021

Delusions Of Grandeur

The imposition of Emergency by Sharif smacks of dangerous political opportunism. Sharif may see this as a window of opportunity to fulfil his dream of being a

Delusions Of Grandeur

THE deed is done. The chest-thumping is over. The crowds have melted away. Many questions arise, the answers to some of which are available. But much depends on Nawaz Sharif's ability to rise and shine. After India's nuclear tests, Sharif told the world that Pakistan would not adopt a "tit-for-tat" policy. But two weeks later, he proudly declared that he had "settled the score" with India. Then, Abdul Qadeer Khan, who likes to be called the "father of the Pakistani bomb", told CNN that "Pakistan needed 17 days in which to test". This implied that the decision to test was taken immediately after the Indian tests rather than after "due consideration and proper restraint" as announced by Sharif earlier.

Foreign minister Gohar Ayub also got into the act. Ayub told CNN on May 30 that Pakistan had detonated "two more devices". No, blurted the foreign secretary Shamshad Ahmad, rather pointedly: "We have tested only one device today." Ahmad was clearly undertaking a...

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