01 August, 2021

Delhi Diary

Maybe those who make Modi's bed should place the Constitution of India by its side, instead of the Guinness Book of Records

Photograph by Narendra Bisht
Delhi Diary
Bharat Matters ki Jai
When three men in two cities tell you in the space of 36 hours that “There are some good things happening, too, you know”, it would be foolish not to look into the rear-view mirror to see what exactly. The point these wise folk are seeking to make is that even in the midst of the BDSM (beef, Dalits, students, Muslims) orgy that has broken out in various parts of the nation, Narendra Modi has got serious stuff done in his first two years but is not getting the credit for it. That a regime which has mastered “managing the headlines” should be kindling such a sense of injustice at the hands of a media largely in its awe is revealing of the creeping victimhood, best exemplified by the PM's own rants against "The Family" and NGOs. More worrying is what constitutes “good things” for those who would like to give him the benefit of the doubt.

It is not impossible for “news traders”, as the PM...

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