27 October, 2020

Delhi Diary

It is about time someone asked Sachin Tendulkar if he is beginning to lose his masterful touch.

Delhi Diary

Capital Nous

Every election we play a childish little game at Outlook. The editors and reporters are invited to make their predictions based on what they see, hear, read and feel. And they are allowed the luxury of revising their numbers as many times as they wish in the run-up. Each prediction is duly recorded and when the results come in, the winners are named, and the losers are shamed into buying discounted dhoklas from Bengal Sweets. The idea is to see whether the resident know-it-alls really do have their ears to the ground or if we are just hearing our own voices in the various echo chambers we inhabit.

Since we are not all-seeing pollsters or astrologers, we get it mostly wrong, of course. But Delhi, the city we live in, move around, work out of and think we know? Only our executive editor Bishwadeep Moitra got the aap tally...



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