10 May, 2021

Delhi Diary

Because leftists have allegedly distorted how we interpret the past, it does not mean the PM should give encouragement to beliefs which are laughable.

Delhi Diary

Year 67

As India celebrates its 67th birthday, the time couldn’t be more perfect to take the pulse of the nation. Of course, mine is a subjective diagnosis, but it may not be totally off the mark.

In a world full of conflicts, we should consider ourselves fortunate to be in such a good shape. Especially since most of the turmoil is in our neighbourhood and therefore does not have far to travel. Besides, we have a new government and a new prime minister, whose style of governance still seems ‘alien’ to me. The republic being relatively stable, we have to thank our institutions and the people who run them. The higher judiciary, the media, civil society and the Election Commission are all standing up bravely, fighting the pressure being put on them.

But prime minister Narendra Modi remains an enigma. Hardly a day passes without some mantra or...

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