14 June, 2021

Delhi Diary

Justice Katju, who is posing many questions, needs to answer a few himself. Why did he wait nine years before going public?

Delhi Diary

After Katju, the...

A colleague asked me a fortnight ago if I knew what had happened to Justice Katju. He had been uncharacteristically silent for the past six months. Was he ill? Had he suffered some family misfortune? Well, Justice Katju is alive, well and, as is his wont, making news. But first a cautionary tale. One afternoon I had gone to see A.B. Vajpayee when he was prime minister, and he was looking glum, not his jovial self. I asked him why. He told me, “After you, Jayalalitha is coming.” He said every time she came she brought a long list of names of bureaucrats, judges, I-T officers she wanted promoted or transferred. Mr Vajpayee said he quietly put the list in his pocket and did whatever he could. Justice Katju’s disclosures are shocking. Happily, they have now been confirmed. The unctuous ex-law minister H.R. Bhardwaj has been caught fair and...

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